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Fish Pumps

The Petrel Fish Pump is driven by a directly connected high speed radial piston hydraulic motor.  It is specially modified to cope with the thermal shocks associated with hot hydraulic oil and sub-zero sea temperatures.

The pump is manufactured from marine grade aluminium castings which are designed to allow smooth passage of the fish through the pump with minimal damage.  For this reason the pump has an enlarged inlet, well-spaced impeller blades and a smooth exit port.  Petrel pumps have been optimised to deliver high quality fish whilst maintaining a high pumping rate.

Galvanised top and bottom cages and a rubberised rim-covering protect the pump from damage during maneuvering.  The cage also prevents the net from being caught in the pump.  A seal cage can be installed at the pump inlet if necessary.


  • Hydraulic Hose Reels for the convenient storage of hydraulic hoses.
  • Fish Hose Reels for the convenient storage of transport hoses.
  • Slow start valve (remote controlled) to prevent possible thermal and mechanical shock on start-up, thereby prolonging the life of the hydraulic motor.
  • Fish transport hose
  • Fish hose couplers (aluminum)
  • Adapters