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Net Crane Stackers

The Petrel Net Crane Stacker is designed for durability, long life and flexibility of operation. The crane structure can take the high side loads imposed during net hauling and is fitted with up to 3 hydraulic slew motors to give high slew torque. The parallel arms constantly position the roller head in the horizontal position, which greatly simplifies the operation and allows the user to concentrate on net stacking rather than on controlling the roller head.

The arms raise and lower to extend and retract the head to allow positioning of the head over the selected net stacking position. The head has a slewing function to maintain the alignment to the net and to correct control or twisting of the net. The geometry of the crane has been optimized to elevate the head as high as possible over a large reach range, which makes net stacking easier.

The roller head features autoclave-cured vulcanized rubber covering with extra cleats for added net traction. This reduces net slippage and hence net wear.