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Winch Models 140 (Inline)

The Petrel Cable Winches are designed to accommodate winching functions other than those covered by the 65, 80, 100, 125, 140, 180 and 220 standard winch ranges. Typical applications for which this type of winch range has been used for are : mooring winches, rescue winches, slipway winches, towing winches, cod end winches, sweepline winches, outhaul winches, zipper winches, cargo winches, end wire winches, boom winches, oceanographic winches, mining winches, pipe laying winches and more. Generally applying one of the options (i.e. with or without guiding gear, horns, warping head, clutch etc.) the Petrel Cable Winch range accommodates the above functions, but should this not be the case, Petrel can modify or re-design one of the winches to accommodate the required specifications