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Net Stacker

The Petrel Fixed Boom Netstacker is a hydraulically powered, variable speed, 3 dimensionally articulated unit. The Netstacker mast has a slewing facility which allows the Netstacker to cover the netbin/s area in a port to starboard or forward to aft movement.  The arms raise and lower to extend and retract the head to allow net stacking over the selected position in the net storage area. The head has a slewing action to maintain the alignment of the net from the net winch and to correct twisting of the cork line in the sheave.

Petrel Netstackers range from 2,5 ton pull to 9.8 ton pull models.  The Netstackers are supplied with stainless steel or rubber net contact areas as a standard feature.

Controls can be hydraulic direct, pilot remote, electric-hydraulic, or radio remote.