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The Petrel Trident is a three-roller net hauler designed for high-powered net hauling and high net traction.  The higher-than-usual roller off-set results in greater rubber contact with the net, which leads to high grip and low wear through reduced slippage.

The hydraulic tilt cylinders move the head through a large angle which allows accurate positioning of the cork line during hauling.  The rollers feature autoclave-cured, vulcanised rubber coating, a stainless steel slip ring and a large diameter roller top.  The rollers are mounted on sealed roller bearings and are driven through an oil bath gearbox.

The Trident side plates are made from bead-blasted stainless steel which promotes easy sliding of the net over the side plates, resulting in low net wear.

Two and three speed step functions can be incorporated into the hydraulic drive system, which increases the net hauling speed.

Petrel offers Tridents with roller pulls ranging from 10 tons to 35 tons.