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Net Winches

The  Petrel  V-Sheave  Net  Winch  is  a  hydraulically  powered,  variable  speed,  2 dimensionally  articulated  unit.    The  mast  has  a  slewing  facility  which  permits alignment of the head with the netline without need to maneuver the vessel.  Tilting the head changes the speed of the corkline in relation to the leadline, ensuring that the net is hauled evenly. In addition, an optional hydraulically driven power wheel gives better grip on the net, while drying the fish.  The Net Winch is also supplied with a Jockey drum to ensure a good wrap angle of the net in the ‘V’ Sheave of the Netwinch for optimum traction. The  Petrel  Net Winch  ranges  from  the  a  18.1  ton  pull  to  a  45.8  ton  pull  model.  Variable sheave speed gives maximum speed for pursing and maximum power when drying the net.  Petrel Net Winches are supplied with stainless steel or rubber net contact area as a standard feature. Controls can be – hydraulic direct, pilot remote, electric hydraulic, or radio remote.